Modular Kitchen Organizer

Everyone has some things lying around in the kitchen. In our kitchen, these are things like rolls of garbage bags, rolls of aluminum foil, towels or cooking spoons.

This needs a solution to organize the items. I built a modular design, which provides a solution for all this. This solution can be attached to the wall, but also via modules to any furniture such as Ikea kitchen frames. This is the first product from my local-manufacturing venture. In this blogpost I want to introduce this solution. The Modular Kitchen Organizer can be downloaded on Thingiverse. Here is my Youtube video about this project.


The requirement for the design is that the organizer should be able to be expanded with new modules as easy as possible. For this reason, the shape has to be simple, modular and yet functional.

Die Maße der Form

I decided to use this body-form. It allows, on the one hand, that further modules and parts can be hooked into the body and still everything looks stable and good.

For the containers I chose an angular shape, which I think has a very cool look. The containers come in two versions. Once as a deep container and once as a wide container.


The result can be printed in different colors, combined with each other and attach to objects. Via the holes, the organizer can be attached to the wall or cabinets. Via additional modules, the organizer can also be attached to other objects such as Ikea kitchen frames.

Overview of parts

Here you can see the individual parts once again in printed form. The parts look and feel high-quality. They can be connected with each others.

Base module for cabinet/wall

The basic module consists of the body, containers and hooks, which can be connected in any constellation.

Kitchen Organizer in different colors

In my kitchen, I have a built-in old cabinet in the corner. In painting it, we were able to get quite a bit out of the cabinet. But organizing the inside always proves to be a challenge.

The modular organizer offers the solution here. We created two rails of the organizer in the inside of the closet, added a few necessary drawers and compartments. The garbage bag rolls have now found their home.

Module for Ikea Enhet kitchen frame

Our Ikea kitchen looks pretty fancy. In the kitchen frame (see picture) we place our spices and accessories. But it lacks a little color and accommodation.

With the modular organizer you can give a little color to the white Ikea kitchen frames. With the right modules, it can even be installed across the corner!

Module for door frame

With this modular system, adding more modules is so simple. I already added another module to attach the organizer to a door frame as well.

The module for the door frame is parameterized and via the Thingiverse Customizer a module can be downloaded exactly with the necessary door width.

Here you can also see the door module for my interior door. It fits perfectly, and as you can see, the kitchen organizer is not only suitable for the kitchen, but can also be used for other rooms.

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Modular Kitchen Organizer in different colors

I shared the design on Thingiverse. The Ikea Enhet Module and Door Module I shared seperately.