I started this blog years ago with the hope that I might be able to achieve something positive with my posts over time. I have published countless articles about IT, electronics, books and much more. All topics that concern me in my everyday life. I have not stopped striving for excellence, questioning the status quo and making the most of my existence. I have shared my findings here.

The reason why I am a big supporter of IT and digitization, why I work as a developer and IT consultant is because I am convinced that with advancing automation and digitization you can increase prosperity for everyone. Earning money in the form of revenue or a salary is not and has never been my primary goal. However, the prerequisite for working on prosperity is the protection of innocent lives.

For the past two months, there has been indescribable suffering in the Middle East and I have been evaluating how I can contribute to end this suffering. I have come to the conclusion that my contribution is shockingly small or even that I am indirectly supporting the suffering. The time has come for me to pull the handbrake and reorient my actions.

My blog posts have become fewer. That doesn’t mean that I’m inactive. It just means that I’m pursuing other activities that I think are more important. The greatest strength I have is my unwavering optimism in the most difficult times. I will not stop fighting for the values I stand for. For peace, for the protection of innocent lives, for justice and against oppression.