LoRaWAN Antenna Holder for Balcony Rail

I recently bought a LoRaWAN antenna that I mounted in my balcony for testing. The antenna works very well, although my balcony is just a few meters above the ground.

Before: Antenna is attached temporarily on my plant shelf

The antenna was temporarily attached to my wooden shelf. I wanted to build a proper mount and set about modeling.

The result of this work can be found on Thingiverse.

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Recycling: Hot water bottle sealing

We recently had a hot water bottle, which no longer served it’s duty. How can a hot water bottle can no longer work? The seal on the cap wears out. The hot water bottle drips when you fill it with water.

Another small plastic part, which leads to the unusability of the whole object. For us, an object does not end up in the trash because of such small parts. It’s time to get down to business.

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Modular Kitchen Organizer

Everyone has some things lying around in the kitchen. In our kitchen, these are things like rolls of garbage bags, rolls of aluminum foil, towels or cooking spoons.

This needs a solution to organize the items. I built a modular design, which provides a solution for all this. This solution can be attached to the wall, but also via modules to any furniture such as Ikea kitchen frames. This is the first product from my local-manufacturing venture. In this blogpost I want to introduce this solution. The Modular Kitchen Organizer can be downloaded on Thingiverse. Here is my Youtube video about this project.

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Kintsugi and its meaning today

“Kintsugi” means “golden joinery”. It’s the japanese way of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with golden joins. Kintsugi is not only an activity, but also a way of life and a mindset.

Breaking things are an essential part of the lifecycle of objects. My passion is repairing things which break in every day life. Plastic is an essential part of our modern day lives, but throwing plastic into the trash or waters is polluting our world. I see local-recycling and local-manufacturing as the solution to save our planet and live the Kintsugi lifestyle.

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Recycling: Sandwichmaker Clip

On a relaxing weekend, I was making sandwiches when something unforeseen happened.

The clip of my sandwich maker broke. Because of such a plastic part, of course, the whole device is not thrown away! In my part-time job as a recycling expert, I made it my business to save items from trash. It’s time to get back to action! In this blogpost I want to talk about the repair process.

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Recycling und Repair: Toiletseat connector

Recently this connection piece of our toiletseat broke. It looked as follows.

It seems first, that the only way to solve this is by removing the whole toilet seat, throwing it into the trash and buying a new one. Produce new trash and foster consumption? No! I can do modelling and have a 3D printer. I am just making my own spare parts.

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