LoRaWAN Antenna Holder for Balcony Rail

I recently bought a LoRaWAN antenna that I mounted in my balcony for testing. The antenna works very well, although my balcony is just a few meters above the ground.

Before: Antenna is attached temporarily on my plant shelf

The antenna was temporarily attached to my wooden shelf. I wanted to build a proper mount and set about modeling.

The result of this work can be found on Thingiverse.

I have a square railing on my balcony. When trying to attach the antenna directly to the railing I found that it is just unstable and loose. I need a mount that I can easily attach/remove, but that also provides stability.

The antenna holder is modular and consists of two parts. The parts can be connected to each other.

The lower half is attached to the balcony rail. The size is adjustable and fits into any square balcony rail. With the help of a hook, the construct snaps firmly to the rail.

The antenna is attached to the upper half. It has a wide shape and needs to be more solil, so that it does not collapse when you attach the antenna.


Since the antenna is outside and has a weight, it is important that the material withstands the weather conditions and does not deform. For this reason, I printed the whole thing with PETG. PETG is more challenging to handle than PLA, but it worked out well in the end.


Here you can already see the result. It fits very well and the construction is stable.

I am happy with the result. I shared it on Thingiverse including source code.