Helium Network’s Migration to the Solana Ecosystem: Exploring Staking Economics and Governance

The Helium Network recently migrated to the Solana Ecosystem, a strategic move aimed at building a “network of networks.” This network already encompasses LoRaWAN (also known as “IoT”) and CBRS (also known as “MOBILE”), with plans to incorporate more networks in the future. However, this migration has resulted in some changes, one of the most significant being the governance structure.

Before the migration, Helium Vote was utilized for decision-making, with users required to “burn” Data Credits to participate. After the migration, Solana Governance Realms are employed – an existing infrastructure used in numerous other projects. This shift presents an opportunity for Helium stakeholders to learn about staking, the economics of staking, and to engage in the decision-making process.

Total veHNT Delegated to IOT

In this blog post, we will delve into the Helium Network’s staking system and the economics of staking. Furthermore, I will provide a Stakers Analysis, examining the data and offering insights into how staking influences the network’s economics and governance.

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Helium Mining and IoT Applications: Experiences and opportunities

This post is about the Helium Network, a decentralized, blockchain-based solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) that relies on LoRaWAN technology. The Helium Network enables IoT devices to connect to each other in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner, while offering incentives in the form of cryptocurrency, called Helium Network Tokens (HNT), for those who participate in the network as miners. I will share my experiences with Helium mining and deploying IoT devices on the network, discuss business models and use cases for different players, and compare to other LoRaWAN networks such as The Things Network (TTN). If you’re interested in IoT, cryptocurrencies, or decentralized technologies, this is the place for you!

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Smart Home Dashboard with Home Assistant, MQTT, Certbot and Nginx Proxy

Home automation, monitoring and control requires a user interface that is easy to use. There are numerous commercial solutions for this.

My Smart Home Dashboard

If you have high requirements for data security and privacy, a self-hosted smart home solution is the way to go. I tried a few open-source solutions and ended up happy with “Home Assistant”. In this post I want to explain how to get a minimal instance of Home Assistant, MQTT, Certbot and Nginx Proxy up and running with Docker Compose.

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Balcony Power Plant in Schwetzingen

Until a few months ago, I was happy with my previous electricity provider. A short time later, however, came the nasty surprise. My monthly fee went up from 42€ to 66€. This meant that the previous contract was no longer attractive.

I want to generate my energy with the power of the sun in the future

I’ve been interested in having my own solar panels on the balcony for a while. I have so much unused space. Due to the energy crisis, bureaucratic hurdles in Germany for balcony power plants were removed. The stars were right and I took this opportunity to become a little more self-sufficient.

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Kintsugi and its meaning today

“Kintsugi” means “golden joinery”. It’s the japanese way of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with golden joins. Kintsugi is not only an activity, but also a way of life and a mindset.

Breaking things are an essential part of the lifecycle of objects. My passion is repairing things which break in every day life. Plastic is an essential part of our modern day lives, but throwing plastic into the trash or waters is polluting our world. I see local-recycling and local-manufacturing as the solution to save our planet and live the Kintsugi lifestyle.

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Local Recycling: Precious Plastic Shredder Kit

I am convinced that we can solve the global plastic problem only with local measures. For this reason, I have spent the last weeks/months experimenting on various projects and am working prototypically on a DIY recycling plant that I can operate at home to extract new raw materials from plastic waste that accumulates daily from various packages.

I have long tried to build a plastic shredder at home with the least amount of resources. I had the idea of applying heat to plastic, softening it and thus reducing the size of the plastic with less force. Unfortunately, my first prototype failed.

After some thinking, I decided to order a Precious Plastics Shredder Kit with all the necessary parts already included. I have to assemble the shredder and can start with it. In 2-4 weeks the shredder will arrive. I am looking forward to my little recycling business!