Why were the Greeks so fucking great? What is it about them that allowed them to become so amazing? So fucking amazing that mankind is still (granted it’s a relatively small minority) jerking off to them in ecstatic orgasm after thousands of years? Sometimes I’m filled with incredible amount of life force from reading them or about them, and other times it’s crushing depressive episodes where I realize I’ll never witness them by my own eyes, witness everything from the simplest of social interactions to the greatest wonders of the ancient world, never be one of them. Can you imagine the festivals? The orators? The feasts? What is it that’s stopping Europe today from pulling itself up to similar heights? Is it because everything has become too big, we’re too many? Too complacent? Are we just doomed to painful mediocrity and the seemingly eternal meme of „science“? What’s the point in „““sciencing“““ your way to other fucking planets when there’s nothing there, everything will have to be built anew by the people sent there. What will be built? The disgusting glass buildings we all know and love from today, those pathetic excuses for architecture? Is that really the best? Or what about some sterile bleak bubble wrap looking beehive contraption? And who will populate these colonies? The same kind of bags of flesh who love the current mess of a society we live in? How long would it take for the colony to shit itself? What if we meet ayyliens? Will we show them our big go boom-boom rockets or will we show them the greatest works of mankind? Where is it all headed? What’s that discussion called about how the current times are viewed as „non-historic“ times or something akin to that? As if everything has stopped and now „““everyone“““ is „““smart“““ and „““moral“““ and „““good“““ and life is just about „“““living life““““ and „““traveling“““ and „“fucking““ and „““eating good food like pizza“““? I never signed up for this, I didn’t ask for this, didn’t ask for this life. What is there to do? I don’t give a flying fuck about contributing to the eternal meme machine known as the „““““““economy“““““““. Why? Just to be able to symbolically ejaculate on other people’s faces when I tell them I am „““someone“““ because of my position at work? What society is there to care for? A plane could crash on my street and I wouldn’t even bother look out the window. I’d check the news to find that 146 people have lost their lives and that we should all stand together and mourn them and that we should do everything to make sure that something like this never happens again but more importantly I’d be annoyed with all the increased traffic and people.
I wish one of you could slap me in real life. Or choke me to death, whichever would seem more appropriate in the situation.

Anon, 4chan/lit/